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    Deck the Halls.    [ December 27, 2006 ]
    The boughs of holly seem made for the season in the traditional red and green. They are gorgeous, with shiny dark green foliage and brilliant scarlet berries. Caution: the leaves bite a bit...

    One Golden Bough with a Twist.    [ December 13, 2006 ]
    This might be a new Christmas cocktail at one of those trendy after hours clubs, maybe in Livingston Manor (not yet?) or New York's meat packing district. You know, the places where the newest faces in People Magazine gather with celebrities, film producers, models, musicians and superstars from abroad to party the night away...

    News, Views, Green Talk, and GM Talk, Too.    [ November 29, 2006 ]
    It has been some time since I provided an update regarding horticulture and closely related news. I feel it is never too late for one...

    Not Tonight, Deer.    [ November 15, 2006 ]
    Seeing and enjoying deer in the landscape has value. Whether you are a photographer, a hiker, camping enthusiast, bird watcher, fisherperson or hunter, you spend a lot of time outdoors and are probably rewarded with some closer than normal encounters with the whitetail deer...

    A Raised Bed Garden: A Fall Chore is A Spring Joy.    [ November 1, 2006 ]
    It occurred to me after my last column, that I've recommended raised bed gardening more than a couple of times, but I don't think I ever gave many solid reasons why or advice about how to create one. To many gardeners it might be intuitive...

    A Naughty Lady from Shady Lane.    [ October 18, 2006 ]
    There is a terrorist in our midst and her beauty is much of the problem. I identified her in 2002 for Peggy De Wire. Peggy first saw her along side a brook on Davis Lane in Grahamsville. This is just a stone's throw from the Neversink Agricultural Society's Fairgrounds, the site of The Little World's Fair and the Giant Pumpkin Party, the Daniel Pierce Library's biggest fundraiser. I was humbled and honored at the same time...

    Thinking about Spring in the Fall.    [ October 4, 2006 ]
    It is officially fall now, but I remind you that this year's gardening season is still happening and part of the work that remains to be done may insure that your spring is delightful and not overwhelming. In spring you want to focus on gardening and not on the previous seasons chores. It is invigorating...

    The Garden: Bidding Farewell Reluctantly.    [ September 20, 2006 ]
    I noted a low of 39 degrees F two nights ago, and, I heard from a few acquaintances that scattered frosts in the higher elevations occurred that same night. Pretty much on time as most seasons go...

    Diagnosing Houseplant Problems.    [ September 6, 2006 ]
    (Adventures with Flora continued...)    When Flora's in the house, we expect all kinds of rewards. Cleaner air to breath, a more peaceful indoor ambience, a melding of the verdant outdoors with that contained inside. Blossoms unexpected and most welcome...

    Trees and Shrubs.    [ August 23, 2006 ]
    (Adventures with Flora continued...)    As a brief review, plant problems occur as a result of one of the four following causes...

    How's the Grass across the Fence Growing?    [ August 9, 2006 ]
    (Adventures with Flora continued...)    I was at a community meeting place recently when a neighbor inquired of me, "Why is my son's newly planted lawn yellowing and browning out. The questions that I responded with could have been the rehearsal for today's column....

    What's Goin' on in the Vegetable Patch? "The Da Veggie Code"
    [ July 26, 2006 ]     About this time in the growing season, some home vegetable growers are seeing less than satisfactory results with some of their crops. As promised, this is a continuation of my last column (introductory), "Questions to ask when diagnosing Flora's problems". It is Part 1, "Vegetable Problems Diagnoses"...

    Questions to Ask When Diagnosing Flora's Problems    [ July 12, 2006 ]
    No, Flora is not the recalcitrant stepdaughter. Flora is the word I use to refer to the plant life in your world. These are the counterparts to Fauna, the mobile wildlife in your surroundings. The Flora I plan for will be in your familiar surroundings...

    Trees! Good News and More...    [ June 28, 2006 ]
    I am happy to report that after last year's spring and early summer defoliation of oaks and many other valued tree and shrub specimens, this date of reporting indicates that the gypsy moth caterpillars are on the decline..

    Sweet Cicely.    [ June 14, 2006 ]
    Its deeply cut leaves give it the appearance of a delicate fern. Brushing by its soft downy leaves fills the air with the sweet fragrance of anise.

    Heroes and Villains in the Vegetable Garden.    [ May 31, 2006 ]
    The average insect population in a square mile surpasses the entire peopled population of the planet.

    Hints for a More Successful Gardening Season.    [ May 17, 2006 ]
    The number one reason for loss of annual and perennial flowering plants and vegetables is the failure to maintain a proper moisture balance of the roots.

    Botanical Miracles or Botanical Curses?    [ May 3, 2006 ]
    Weeds may be many things to many people. It all depends on what kind of hat you are wearing. The "hat" thing is a lot like walking in someone else's shoes.

    Two Caterpillars Worth Knowing.    [ April 19, 2006 ]
    I stress the "worth knowing". Grabbing the can of "Raid", which a neighbor did last year, is not the best option.

    Edible Herbaceous Perennials.    [ April 5, 2006 ]
    This subject has been on my mind for some time. I suppose I might have titled the article, "Perennial Vegetables", but it is my thinking that got in the way.

    According to the Calendar...    [ March 22, 2006 ]
    The long wait is over. Or almost over. Or, soon to be over? Spring, and nice weather, and the longing to get back into the yard and garden are the thoughts that preoccupy so many of us these days.

    Gardeners, Start Your Seeds!    [ March 8, 2006 ]
    It's just twelve days to the vernal equinox - days and nights of equal length. It's time to start seeds, especially those that can be planted out early, because they enjoy the cool temperatures of April.

    Hybrids, Heirlooms, Standards. Does It Matter?    [ February 22, 2006 ]
    You are the arbiter of taste. And, for that matter, labor and whatever else it is that might make or break your day. Spring is only one month away.

    Easing the Worries Over Dried Out Plants.    [ February 8, 2006 ]
    With five of the last nine summers being droughty, and more and more frequent talk of global warming resting on our minds, we had better face the fact that the moisture needs of plants require our attention as never before.

    Expanding the Garden Family.    [ January 25, 2006 ]
    Very few of us wishes to live alone. The desire for companionship offers much that led to social order and societies. It's not so different in the plant world.

    The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower. (#7)
    [ January 11, 2006 ]     ... a continuation of my overview of the history of plants and their important influence on man.  

    Subtitled:   Never, Ever, Underestimate Plants.

    In 2005 I wrote six columns under the umbrella title of "The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower ..." with homage to Dylan Thomas's poem that inspired me. They are my overview of plants' important influence on man throughout history. This column will be the final one. It's about plants and man's spirit.


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